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Meet The Partners

Erin Rademann and Dan Buechel started their interior design and retail business, Partners by Design, Inc., in 1997, after years as top designers with a chic interior design house. 

They believe there is nothing style-wise they can’t accomplish. The size of the project is inconsequential. In fact, they’re quick to tell clients the smallest rooms are sometimes their greatest accomplishments. They honestly care about how you’ll live in the space and how you’ll grow with the rooms. 

As a mark of their character, there isn’t a silent auction table in their hometown that doesn’t hold a donation from them, and for many years they donated their interior design services to the creation of the Samaritan House- an entire house raffled off to benefit the community’s free health clinic.

They serve clients in Wisconsin and all over the country. 


The name "Partners" was developed to encompass not only the partners, but also the partnership they build with their staff and clients. “Inc.” signifies a way to bring artful design without an enhanced price to family and friends and to give back to the community. 

Dan and Erin take the whole “partnership” thing to heart — their collaboration with each other, their partnership with their clients and their connection to the community.