Erin Rademann: “Curiosity and creativity are inseparable.”

Erin Rademann Headshot

Erin is marvelously curious by nature. She pores over magazines, clipping out design inspirations from expected and unexpected sources. She’s a tenacious researcher, eager to light on a new way of thinking about design. She believes sophisticated and fun are not mutually exclusive design concepts, and won’t stop until she’s found the perfect pieces to prove it. Complementing that way of thinking is her attention to detail, a character trait that’s the difference between a room that’s simply lovely and one that simply sings.

Erin’s clients are friends. How does she know? Many stay in touch long after a project has been completed. That’s the kind of relationship-building other businesses would love to have.

She’s trained with a degree in interior design, is Wisconsin-registered, and knows her way around a blueprint too, often consulting on structural elements like placement of walls and windows. She takes great joy in designing the “family home of your dreams.” Erin also creates some pretty incredible commercial spaces, with enough flair to be distinctive and enough functionality to please clients.